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Photography is an ever changing art form – but despite its ups and downs in the last few decades, instant film photography hasn’t changed much since the release of the SX-70 back in 1972. Our founder felt that there was still more to be done and chose to carry on that legacy. He decided to create his own line of products which would marry modern innovations in technology with the timeless, familiar design of the SX-70 to keep the magic of the Polaroid experience alive. Instant Inspiration


‘Mint’ – the term collector’s use to describe high quality items in perfect condition – became the standard to which we hold all our products. To make this ideal a reality, we assembled a team of dedicated artisans, designers and engineers. As MiNT, we aim to bring our customers products that Dr. Edwin Land would be proud of!


Mint-Camera is an official distributor of Mint products and are not sold directly by Mint.

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